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But this offers no solace to an educated but unemployed generation that says it wants both work and meaning in life. Yet some Rubicon was crossed on May A Twitter call brought hundreds of youth to the square. The next day more than 1, came. By the end of the week 30, people, most of them young, had organized a system of tent camps, started seminars and teach-ins, and begun building a social networking site. Their moniker became indignados, or the outraged. Today, their idea has spread across southern Europe to Rome and Athens and the far corners of Spanish cyberspace, where the group has 70, participants.

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They are part of an increasingly global movement of young people that, while not directly connected, share some of the same frustrations over the inability of economies to create jobs, and the indifference of politicians or their impotence to do anything about it. The youth of Puerta del Sol have taken some of their inspiration from the youth of the Arab Spring.

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Yet each of these revolts is also rooted in its own grievances, with consequences that will be similarly singular. The most common word they used to describe their lives: complicated. Yes, they want jobs. Of course. Guillermo Ubieto, age 27, graduated with an advanced degree in international relations. Ubieto says. They told us study, push yourselves, you can have a good future. Now we are saying something. Yet the Puerta del Sol protest was about a lot more than jobs. Something more fundamental was at work.

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It was time to stop accepting the verdict of a diminished life. But the issues being raised seem bigger than any solutions. As the indignados see it, their extremity has forced questions about what it means to be human; what values and truths to accept; how people should be treated; how democracy should work; the role of free markets, money, the social contract, community. And whether the indignados can survive they still fill the square on Sunday evenings is unclear. But their pluck brought public sympathy in Spain and Greece, and they are seen as a bellwether among analysts: Europe and its nations have a debt crisis that is testing its unity and economics.

But the youth protests point to an equally important crisis — of meaning, and of what kind of spirit the age will usher in.

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But after Tunisia and Egypt, I could see what the Spanish kids were doing. Young Europeans for decades have identified with a historic joining of the Continent. They identified strongly with postwar visions: a high-minded model of civil society, ideals of justice, a robust monetary union, and a confident zone of business dealings and corporations that set global management standards.

Author Jeremy Rifkin in saw Europe as the path to the future. Europe seemed a dazzling model of social cohesion — wealthy, sustainable, green, and mostly postnational. The ghosts of Auschwitz were fading.

Democratic values were ascendant, borders were falling, and old animosities were evaporating. Indeed, Europe was a cause, and with its enlightened youth, was preparing to lead the way. The Bosnian war was an early reality check on how prepared Europe was to sacrifice in the name of its values. A war crimes tribunal at The Hague, the first since Nuremberg, prosecuted hundreds of officers and soldiers from those wars.

Yet the European dream is suddenly in question. Unders have more doubt than optimism. The nation eurozone is debt-ridden. Ugly splits are manifest between northern- and southern-tier states. The cohesion brought by a Franco-German relationship bent on keeping Europe whole and vibrant has frayed or become exhausted. But today I am not satisfied….

Spain and Italy are not out of the red-ink woods. Youth riots in London this summer may have been a singular, compulsive event, but they hold a warning.

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Anciently in Madrid, Puerta del Sol is where all roads led out to Europe. But until May 15, it was not a place of political symbolism, not a Tiananmen Square of Spain. Today their numbers and energy are still strong, though their focus is more diffuse. On Sept. All polls show a wide feeling among youth that the political class and elites are a problem.

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Affordable housing is in short supply, rents are expensive, and for many, getting a home loan seems as likely as changing the rings of Saturn. Without a work contract, it is often hard to sign a lease. Moving from flat to flat takes a toll, and living at home puts a strain on families. Nadera is a young French Arab, With black hair pulled back and fine features, she has a slightly glamorous look that belies her status as a member of the generation who works seasonal jobs for cash.

She comes from a family of nine. She left home at 14 and has held numerous jobs. One was caring for the handicapped, and she would like to one day own a home-care business; helping others is an ideal of hers. Little things cost a lot for this generation: phones, train tickets, food. Twenty-five-year-olds compete with year-olds for work. As Europe ages and budgets tighten, older generations want to keep their jobs.

The young are, well, young, and considered more adaptable. Globally, only Southeast Asia has low youth unemployment. In Europe, figures show a rise in joblessness since the fiscal crisis began. In , the overall jobless rate among youth was But by , it had risen to more than 20 percent.

Only Germany saw a decline. Wendy Cunningham of the World Bank in Washington says the old social contract that college equals a job is fast disappearing.

Whether the disillusionment will manifest itself in something more unruly is uncertain. Down the road, some do see trouble. In the May elections in Britain, Liberal Democrats captured student hearts with promises that university tuitions would not rise. Qui volentiers moilloit fa pipe. Du bon vin qui eftoit du blanc. Si le clamoit fon ameor. Que li vins avoit dedenz foi,. Li rois en but fanz avoir foi. Manda a treftoz fes meffages. Qu'il alaiffent le meillor querfe.

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